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At Lab Medical Group we offer a broad array of services including comprehensive testing at no additional cost. Our laboratory services include Hematology Profiles for Cancer, Medication Monitoring / Urine Toxicology, Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP), Pharmacogenomics (PGX), Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), and Diabetes Testing.  We also do nearly all forms of blood work, allergy testing, wellness check panels, gastrointestinal testing, cultures and more.


Lab Medical Group offers state-of-the-art technology paired with a skilled and a friendly team to ensure accurate testing every time. Our lab processes specimens weekly using automated computer systems.  We meet or exceed all industry averages for testing.  And, we think you'll agree... our reporting is significantly better than the competitors.


Our test menu includes the newest tests on the market...and often we have exclusive testing.  We are the only laboratory in the country offering the VAP Cardiovascular Test and the Hematology Profile for early detection of blood cancers without the need for a bone marrow biopsy.  Our Medication Monitoring is 2nd to none with over 160 analytes detected on our standard panel and 260+ analytes on our expanded panel (listing drug to drug interactions and charting).


Most of our tests are completed within 24 hours of the lab receiving the sample.  Some STAT requests are available.  The Hematology Profile takes 7 days, but the industry average is 21 (and is not covered by insurance...ours is).


What You Should Expect

Trained Team

  • Medical Professionals

  • Industry Experience

  • Certified

Advanced Chemistry & Process Technology

  • Newest Equipment

  • Improved Efficacy

  • Greater Efficiency

  • New Testing

State of the Art Facilities

  • Factory Installed

  • Newest Testing Equipment

  • Modern Facility

  • World-Class Resources

Rapid Response / Turnaround

  • Immediate Response

  • Friendly Service

  • Time Sensitive Results

Superior Documentation

  • Certified Documentation

  • Compliance Guidelines

  • Superior Record

Customized solutions for you, our tests are tailored to your practice needs. Our detailed analysis considers your patient population, your services offered, your medical specialty or area of interest, and your professional goals. Let us take care of the details, rest assured that our team at lab medical group will take care of you so that you may take care of your patients!

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Providing the best doctors with the best results.

Internal Medicine

Lab Medical Group was able to help me customize an annual wellness panel tailored for my specific clients.  For patients we prescribe norcos LMG performs toxicology.


We utilize LMG for custom blood panels, TB testing, Lithium levels, PGX, and toxicology.  Results are fast, accurate, and their team is great!


Respiratory infections are common with my clients.  I utilize LMG for RPP and Medication Monitoring to protect my medical practice.  Their new Hematology Profile is amazing.  They arrange a phlebotomist to do home draws.  The personal service is appreciated by my clients and my team.

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Servicing Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

Tel: 949.431.6528

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Lab Medical Group, a laboratory management company focused on delivering the highest quality testing with white glove customer service.  We specialize in clinical laboratory testing for Hematology Profiles, Medication Monitoring / Urine Toxicology, Respiratory Pathogen Panels (RPP), Pharmacogenomics (PGX), Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Coronavirus Testing | Covid-19 Test Kits, more.

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